Writing and Coaching for Physicians

Use writing to strengthen your career in medicine and become a more observant, empathetic, and fulfilled physician.

Creative writing cannot be taught, but it can be learned. For years I have guided physicians as they learn to write to avoid stress and burnout, connect with their patients, enjoy the pleasure of creation, and enjoy the satisfaction of publishing their work.

I have designed a range of offerings for aspiring writer-physicians: an ebook, a set of video courses, and group and individual coaching opportunities.

  • The ebook, titled “Physicians: Learn to Write Creatively,” gives an overview of the benefits creative writing brings physicians, along with information on making time for writing, researching your writing, using technology to write, and other topics.
  • The first video course offers information and tips for writer-physicians in more detail. It includes a three-module series on The Principles of Writing for Physicians, including the advantages of keeping a journal, the range of writing genres in which physicians have excelled, how to read like a writer, finding writing ideas, research, revision and preparing manuscripts for publication, and having fun with writing. After taking the first video course, you will have access to a follow up two-module series, Publishing for Physicians, which goes in depth into the benefits of publishing, how to submit short and book-length works to commercial publishers, self-publishing, publishing contract basics, and working with literary and performance-rights agents.
  • My group and individual coaching sessions give writer-physicians the chance to ask questions, learn from the experiences of others, and bring their work and challenges to me – a professional writer with years of experience working with physicians who want to write. You can schedule a free coaching consultation with me to discuss your writing goals and interests.

For physicians who wish to add creative writing to the skills they bring to their medical practices and personal lives, my webinars and coaching services are indispensable.

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