The Case of the Boxing Kangaroo

I’ll be posting sparingly over the next week or two, but I wanted to let you know about a contributing gig I now have with the wonderful history blog Wonders and Marvels. (I covered Wonders and Marvels last month here when I wrote about four top history blogs.)

My first post for Wonders and Marvels is about the tragic death of Peter the Great, a famed boxing kangaroo. I learned about Peter’s demise by chance when researching the history of the Minneapolis Auditorium for my book Lost Minnesota: Stories of Vanished Places. The tale stuck in my memory, and I’ve now finally disgorged it.

(I don’t think the video above shows Peter, but you get the idea.)

I hope you like my Wonders and Marvels post. More stories of history and the history of medicine here soon.

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