Erik Rivenes, author of Dirty Doc Ames and the Scandal That Shook Minneapolis, and host of the Most Notorious podcast 

“For parents, there may be no scenario more terrifying than a child vanishing off the face of the earth. Imagine, then, the utter heartbreak of the Klein family, who lost not one, but three little boys in a North Minneapolis neighborhood in 1951. In The Lost Brothers, historian and author Jack El-Hai delivers this tragic tale in an enthrallingly readable book. Coming in at about a hundred pages, the book packs a concise and powerful gut punch, detailing the disappearance, the investigation, and, most poignantly, the deep and enduring despair of the family they left behind. El-Hai also lays out possible suspects and new evidence that could potentially solve the Minnesota mystery for once and for all. This book comes highly recommended—you will not be able to put it down.”